East Side

Housing in the Williamson-Marquette Neighborhood 

The Williamson-Marquette neighborhood is arguably one of the most sought after residential and commercial areas in the entire city of Madison. We are proud to have invested in this community’s housing stock years before it was the hotspot it is today. Throughout the neighborhood, our 17 properties are a mix of historic and renovated buildings that provide affordable apartments to 54 households. This affordability is invaluable in a neighborhood that has seen skyrocketing property values and gentrification. Our residents have access to all that Williamson Street has to offer including summer festivals, entertainment, restaurants, businesses, parks, and lakeside access. We strive to preserve the diversity and sense of belonging that has made Williamson Street renowned in Madison by ensuring our community’s working-class and fixed-income residents have high quality, affordable apartments to live in. This is the community where Common Wealth Development has its roots, and we will continue to contribute to its vibrant and rich life! 

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