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Common Wealth Development sponsored a series on Madison leaders on Twenty Minute Collaborations with Gregg Potter. In his podcast, Gregg uncovers how we can better collaborate with one another. As guests share stories of collaboration, they uncover valuable lessons. For more information about Twenty Minute Collaborations with Gregg Potter click here 

Recently, Common Wealth sponsored a series of six episodes featuring different leaders in Madison. Interviewees included Shiva Badar-Sielaff the VP/CDO from UW Health, Renee Moe the CEO of the United Way of Dane County, Saran Ouk the Founder and CEO of conNEXTions Madison, Amber Swenor the Founder of Soul Seed Strategy, Will Green the Founder and Executive Director of Mentoring Positives, and Justice Castañeda, Common Wealth’s very own Executive Director. To hear important lessons from Madison’s leaders, click here. You can also tune into the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all other places you find your podcasts by searching Twenty Minute Collaborations with Gregg Potter.