Staff Directory

Executive and Administrative Team

Justice Castañeda

Executive Director
Phone: 608.620.7745 x1525

Stefan Davidson

Finance Director
Phone: 608.620.7842 x1526

Ashley Gohlke

Director of Development Operations
Phone: 608.620.7856 x1541

Kevin Sandoval

Administration and Finance Specialist
Phone: 608.620.7844 x1528

Stephanie Bradley Wilson

Director of Health Equity and Violence Prevention
Phone: 608.620.7655 x1531

Megan Diaz-Ricks

Director of Communications and Fund Development
Phone: 608.620.7843 x1551

Shelli Lawler

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 608.620.7875 x1521

Adult Workforce Development

Marquis Sanders

Adult Workforce Coordinator
Phone: 608.516.1582

Housing Team

Conner Wild

Housing Operations Coordinator
Phone: 608.620.7933 x1544

Madalyn Grau

Housing and Resident Relations Specialist
Phone: 608.620.7885 x1546


Mark Adkins

Maintenance/Rehab Specialist

Sataro Sato

Maintenance/Rehab Specialist

Business Incubation

Brendan Vandenburg-Carroll

Business Development Coordinator
Madison Enterprise Center, Main Street Industries, Common Wealth Art Gallery
Phone: 608.256.6565 x1555
Fax: 608.256.4499

Youth Workforce Development Team

Ashley Hoeft

Youth Workforce Development Coordinator
Work Permit Officer
Phone: 608.620.7862 x1563

Tino Corona

Youth Employment Specialist
Phone: 608.509.7801

Evelyn Betts

Youth Employment Specialist
Work Permit Officer
Phone: 608.620.7919 x1560

Jeremiah Covington

Youth Employment Specialist
Phone: 608.509.7838

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